Raised By Drunks - Turne' Rapport!

Raised by Drunks precis varit ute på en lite Europa tur, och nyfiken som jag är så undrade jag ju hur det varit. Så gittarrist Rob var schysst och skrev ner en liten rapport om hur det var...
first we arrive in bremen at the punk rock cafe for the first gig this is fun to actually get out of the van after over 24hours of travel and a drunken night on the ferry.
the gig goes well and releives alot of the worry of only playing with one guitar(for those who dont know fabbe our second git player does not come on this tour as his travel papers from braziol are still not in order)
we meet loads of great new friends aswell as some great old ones drink too many mexicanas and sleep like babies hahaha
next we go to amsterdam mmmm this is a worrying time as it seems very disorganised but hey the gig goes well our drummer fills in for shitfaced to the cries of more tits less hair hahaha and we sleep in the coldest place on earth.
so on to dordrecht the gig we have been waiting for as we meet up with our friends friom the split ep LINK now this is great but also leeds t5o the worst gig of the tour because in true RBD fashion we get excited at meeting the band and get a bit to drunk to play well but manage to scrape through it and get out alive hahahha
now to the pinnacle of the tour the mighty vort n vis in ieper belguim with LINK and VISIONS OF WAR well what can you say aboput this gig all the bands were on fine form 100 percent class crust punk all night plus the after show drink and dancing i will not describe this here but the pictures appear everywhere for your amusement
finally lille in france the ccl is a nice little venue and three bands do there stuff well im sure there is evidence of the heavy night before in ieper but its the klast night and fun is had all around
so finally a big thanx to all who came all who helped and all who enjoyed we will do it again soon with more shows and more fun
get in touch for any questions or just to chat
finally the split ep is due out in the next couple of weeks so get ready to get yer hands on it
stay safe
stay crust

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